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By Brad Cyrus | February 3, 2010

Be Prepared To Be Shocked!… I Am Going To Reveal My Controversial & Emotional Story, Revealing My Secret Battle To Enlarge My Penis Permanently And Succeeding With My Unique Strategy Within 30 Days…

Hi, and thanks for passing by my blog. Let me cut to the chase, are you looking for a way to make your penis bigger like I was?

If your answer is yes, then I am glad that I can share my unique story with someone else that is in the same position I was in roughly about 7 months ago. I was the same I kept asking for months how do you make your penis bigger? I am going to tell you how I managed to permanently extend my penis within 30 days using very simple instructions in a product called Penis Advantage.

What I will share with you is quite personal, and in some places quite controversial so I hope you appreciate that it has taken a lot for me to share this information.


First, let me introduce myself properly, my name is Brad Cyrus and I currently work as an engineer. Like most guys out there from time to time I felt curious about how I measured up to other guys. But it wasn’t a major concern, until I met my first serious girlfriend last summer.

…She was not impressed!

She is a lovely and caring girl but I could just tell from the very first time we made love she was not impressed with my size.

Naturally that made me feel conscious about it and found myself starting to avoid intimacy to cover my shame. It was OK at first, I thought she didn’t miss it, but she started to feel like I didn’t lover her any more. That is when I decided I had to sort this problem out…

First I tried A “Vacuum Pump” and Penile Stretchers, but they didn’t work for me…

I tried a product from Vacu-Tech that claimed it would extend my penis by approx 20 – 25%. At first I thought I had struck gold! It did actually enlarge my penis.

However, it only lasted for approximately 36 hours. Then I noticed that I returned back to my original size.

I can’t tell you how frustrating that was for me. On top of that I felt some slight discomfort on my penis. I can’t prove if it was the pump or not but I couldn’t take any other chances. To add insult to injury, it cost me about $130 bucks!

I then Tried Penis Extenders….

I know this sounds like I was a gluten for punishment, but I desperately wanted to solve my problem. I tried this product called Fastsize Male Enhancement Penis Extender. I am embarrassed to say that set me back about $230 bucks, however that was reduced from $280. I know, still expensive.

This again did give me some results, but they were very short lived. I think I noticed a marginal increase for several hours. My biggest concern was the bruising it caused around my penis, which also contributed to temporary impotence.


My experience with a product called red ginseng root was not really successful at all. I did not notice any noticeable increase. However it did seem to help my impotence. It took it to an embarrassing level though, because I found myself excited when I was not happy to be, if you know what I mean :(


After spending hundreds of dollars on penis stretchers, extenders, pills and potions I still had the same issue. I was about to give up when I discovered a product called Penis Advantage.

It was new news to me, and I was skeptical to trust it. But a friend of mine said it worked for him. On top of that he assured me I would not need to do anything that wasn’t natural.

That was a sigh of relief and the best thing was that it was significantly cheaper than the money I had spent on the other solutions. So I gave it a go.

I loved this product because it focused on my health first, and it delivered the goods. It taught me a secret to permanently increase the size of my penis naturally.

I strongly recommend Penis Advantage because I took a chance and followed exactly what it taught me. My reward was in a matter of weeks I saw the results that I craved.

If there was one criticism I would of liked results sooner, but to me 30 days is not bad considering it has permanently made a positive impact on my life.

What more can I say, I can’t talk for every guy out there, but I tried it and it worked for me. The beauty is it only required 6 minutes a day of effort from me to see some big results. Once you see the size you are happy with, you can stop the exercises and enjoy a larger penis for life!

I hope this info has been a benefit to you. I only wish I had found Penis Advantage a while back, I could have saved a lot of time and money on stretchers, extenders, pills, potions and pumps.


I wish you all the best my friend!


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